Praise On

While not a developer, Mr. Campbell realized he could contribute to the Joomla! community by providing honest feedback and helpful suggestions.

More than a hashtag, #JFeedback is now a principle that empowers and inspires us all to constantly improve every Joomla! creation and experience.

I was introduced to Joomla! back in the 1.5 days. For years my work required the use of "other" CMS tools. I have since started my own web-based project and decided to come back to my roots. While learning the ins & outs of Joomla! and web standards (SEO, optimization, etc.) I have been inspired to share my findings. Now you can find my often tweeting Joomla! related news, tips, tricks and solutions. It's my way of contributing to a project and community that has been a resource to me and my project.

"Joomla has a beating heart - It is the community"

#jdayfl18 #joomla