Meet the Keynote Speakers:

Robert Jacobi

Robert Jacobi

Robert Jacobi is Founder of Arc Technology Group, a leading Joomla web development consultancy, based in Chicago. Founded in 2000, Arc works with Fortune 50 companies, mid-market businesses, and entrepreneurial start-ups. Robert and Arc have been developing Mambo and Joomla websites since 2004. In 2017 Robert was elected to the position of President of Joomla (Open Source Matters). Also in 2017 Robert joined the executive team at Perfect Dashboard to help hosting companies and end users more easily and consistantly maintain their websites. Robert is a heavily involved in speaking at Joomla events on enterprise topics, from keynoting Joomla Days to presenting at JandBeyond and Joomla World Conference.

Joe Campbell

Joe Cambell

While not a developer, he realized he could contribute to the Joomla! community by providing honest feedback and suggestions. More than a hashtag, #JFeedback is now a principle that empowers and inspires us all to constantly improve every Joomla! creation and experience. Joe was introduced to Joomla! back in the 1.5 days. For years his work required the use of "other" CMS tools. Joe has since started his own web-based project and decided to come back to his roots. While learning the ins & outs of Joomla! and web standards (SEO, optimization, etc.) Joe has been inspired to share his findings. Now you can find Joe often tweeting Joomla! related news, tips, tricks and solutions. It's Joe's way of contributing to a project and community that has been a resource to him and his project.


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