The contrast of the past two years is upon us, and we are happy to report we will have a fantastic event planned for our upcoming JoomlaDay.

JoomlaDay Florida in 2017:
Our second effort expanded the event to two days. Informative sessions, workshops, training and the certification exam, filled the conference. Issues with a movable wall and technical difficulties burdened the volunteer team. But thanks to the humor of Robert Parker and our motivated team, we made it through with flying colors. The response to our 2017 event was nothing but stellar. We had fantastic speakers, content, and the pure heart of Joomla with us - the community. At our closing keynote, we teased a potential move to Orlando for 2018. But after careful consideration, we realized one more year in Tampa would be the right choice.

Enter 2018:
During the planning phase of JoomlaDay Florida 2018, we planned an intimate single day of sessions. What started as a smaller scaled back event focusing on local participants, has quickly turned into the most significant Joomla event we have done yet.

When considering the speakers for 2018, it was a daunting task to out-do our past line up. In 2017, we had fantastic speakers/sessions, and the feedback from our attendees was genuinely positive. Most attendees said they learned so much and thought it was the best line up and content we had put together for an event. For 2018, we started with the usual suspects and quickly added newcomers, and then the Joomla community stepped up. We are excited to have some of the most valuable Joomla volunteers and team leaders with us this year. From the President of OSM / Joomla to team leaders and contributors to the volunteers portal, events team, community magazine, capital team, showcase directory, certification team, user groups team, marketing to JoomlaDay and JUG organizers, this year, like no other before, the Joomla team will be here!

We have a full day of sessions planned for every skill level, covering everything from site administration, front-end design, security, templating, marketing, hosting, programming, branding, volunteering and so much more.

One of our most significant concerns moving into our third year was expanding the venue. In the past years, we have dealt with technical issues from a collapsible wall to proper seating for lunch to computer issues and projection glitches. We are happy to report we have solved all of these matters and are delighted to announce a few significant changes coming this year.

Keynote Room:
The keynote room for the past two years has been in two break-out rooms with a collapsing wall. The first year we left the wall down and had keynotes and sessions in the large room, but this wasn't the perfect situation for breakout sessions as the room was too large. In 2017 we decided to utilize the collapsing wall which was a constant problem and provided many Trump jokes about the wall. In 2018 we are moving the morning keynote to a beautiful state of the art theater setting at the HCC Performing Arts center main stage next to the Student Services building.

We are happy to report the college has updated their projectors to the full hi-res HDMI based units.

Certification Training:
The certification exam is not an easy test and requires a lot of studying. Last year we provided an hour-long session during the main event. This year we will offer a 3-hour crash course training session on Friday afternoon. By giving a more extended meeting the day before, you won't miss any of the sessions you might want to attend during the JoomlaDay.

Certification Computers:
Last year we suffered a significant delay working with the college’s IT department to install the certification browser. The school apologized for the issue, and we are happy to report they will make sure everything is pre-installed and ready.

Over the past two years we have tried to find room for a sit-down meal, but due to the configuration of the venue, we had been unable to solve this problem. Now, with the morning keynote taking place at the theater, we can offer a lunch/meeting area in the previous two breakout rooms. We have tried to accommodate special dietary requests while still providing a taste of the Cuban heritage our host area has to offer. We are working on a more diverse and expanded menu for our 2018 event.

We feel these changes will provide a fresh new experience for all attendees and speakers. If you have any ideas or requests, please head over to the forum and let us know or send us an email via our contact page. We look forward to seeing many of you again in March.

Thank you for your support,
The staff of Open Source Florida INC / JoomlaDay Florida


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